Air conditioning


When it's time to get comfortable, it's time to install a new high-efficiency air conditioning system. Whether replacing your worn-out or outdated system, or adding comfort to your new home or existing system, you can count on to provide you with the best product selection & installation.
Vertigo Plumbing and Heating Management (Part of A-Class Group) specializes in different brands of service and repairs for both residential and commercial. We provide high standard of quality workmanship, reliability and customer satisfaction with fair prices.

Our Services:
1) One-Time Maintenance
2) Yearly Contract Maintenance Servicing
3) Chemical Cleaning
4) Repair and replacement of parts
5) Installation of Air con / install new
6) Air con trip checks

1) Specialist in Air con Management
2) Improve the cooling performance
3) Cleaner air to breathe in
4) Reduce electricity cost
5) checking of Air con fault

  Our Services