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Ever taken a shower and managed to flood the bathroom because the drains were blocked? Chances are you’ve never really given it that much thought, but life without skilled Plumbers would be very messy.

What sort of things do Vertigo Plumbing and Heating workers do?

  • Prepare and/or study drawings and specifications to work out the layout of plumbing systems and materials needed
  • Dig underground for sewage and drainage systems
  • Measure and cut holes through walls and floors to take pipes, measure pipes and mark cutting or bending lines
  • Cut, thread and bend pipes, assemble and install piping, valves and fittings, join pipe sections and secure pipes
  • Make and install metal gutters, downpipes and other rainwater products
  • Install equipment such as boilers, pumps, heating and cooling systems, gas appliances, water tanks, water heaters, solar water heating systems, and fixtures such as toilets, wash basins and industrial processing units

Where do Vertigo Plumbing and Heating workers work?

  • For construction and maintenance firms
  • For specialist kitchen and bathroom companies
  • For government public works
  • Maintenance departments of factories, industrial plants, hospitals etc
  • For themselves as subcontractors

You may enjoy being Vertigo Plumbing and Heating worker if you…

  • Are interested in practical work
  • Are able to work with your hands
  • Can work at heights, in confined spaces and in various weather conditions
  • Are physically fit

Plumbing, Gas fitting and draining are licensed occupations, which means that in addition to your formal qualifications, a license to work must be obtained from your local Water Board or Gas Company.